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My gardening shopping page gives you access to the best plants - new and old favourites, seeds to sow, gardening products, gardening tools and gardening accessories.

I've teamed up with some of the UK's leading suppliers to help you get the best from your garden and gardening.


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The front cover of the RHS Allotment Handbook

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Buy copies of books I've written, plus other gardening books and gardening products from Amazon is a long established and successful online supplier
 of gardening products and plants.

 Harrod Horticultural

 Harrod Horticultural is a leading supplier of superior gardening products
 – especially those for grow your own.


 Rolawn is regarded as the best of the best turf for all types of gardens.

 The company also supplies quality topsoil and compost for lawns and veg gardens.


 The Suttons name has instant recognition and reassurance for gardeners.
 The company offers top quality flower and vegetable seeds, plug plants,
 bulbs, fruit and gardening equipment, all with the Suttons guarantee of quality.


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GardenForum Horticulture, 22 Mead Close, Peterborough PE4 6BS